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Grand Champion Jerseys, from left: Louie Cozzitorto, Melanie Provoast with the Grand Champion and Eric Moser with the Reserve Grand Champion. Photo by Melissa Hart.

EAST LANSING, MI -- With cows in every corner and dairy as the center of the universe, the Michigan Dairy Expo was held July 21-25th at the Michigan State University Pavilion in East Lansing, MI.

The week was filled with shows and contests of all kids for youth dairy enthusiasts. The final day of the expo was the open breed shows where cows competed for grand champion honors.

Lynn Harbaugh of Wisconsin and Louie Cozzitorto of California took on the task of sorting through the color breed shows.

The Jersey show, judged by Cozzitorto, had Buells Mort Delittle rising to the top as Grand Champion, exhibited by Melanie Provoast of Standish, MI. Standing in the Reserve Grand Champion spot was Tri-Koebel Glamorous-ET exhibited by Eric Moser of Dansville, MI. The Grand Champion cow was also the Senior Champion while the Reserve Senior Champion honors belonged to JLB Militia Christys Charm exhibited by Morgan Bolinger of Perrinton, MI.

The Intermediate Champion was also the Reserve Grand, Tri-Koebel Glamorous-ET exhibited by Eric Moser of Dansville, MI, while the Reserve Intermediate Champion was Flo's C-Gar Fiona-ET exhibited by Makenzie Moyer of Caro, MI. In the heifer classes, Thistle-Dew Tequila Reign exhibited by Thistle Dew Jerseys of Vassar, MI, was named Junior Champion with Brenbe Impression Eva exhibited by Malissa Reed of Owosso, MI, as Reserve Junior Champion.

The big brown cows entered the ring and Harbaugh tapped Powerline Goldwyn Pretty exhibited by Kelvin Webster of Laingsburg, MI, as his Grand Champion with Garbo Blessing Chip Tea exhibited by Justin Webster of Laingsburg as his Reserve Grand Champion.

The Brown Swiss heifer show saw New-Direction Braden Godiva exhibited by Moss & Alan McCauley win Junior Champion and Blessing Whiskey Aspen exhibited by Macy Cole of Durand, Michigan, as Reserve Junior Champion.

Cozzitorto and Harbaugh tag teamed the Ayrshire show, which was the largest Ayrshire show in ten years.

The Grand Champion was Sharwards Reality Asset while the Reserve Grand Champion was Dawsons Lot Kendra both exhibited by Jeff Dawson. Dave and Lisa Wilson of St. Johns swept the heifer show with Maelynn Burdette TBird as Junior Champion and Maelynn Burdette Starry as Reserve Junior Champion.

When all the shows were finished the Grand Champion of each breed paraded into the ring while Harbaugh and Cozzitorto deliberated to select a Supreme Champion of the entire show. The Supreme Champion was the Holstein, Dream-Prairie GWA Antigo-ET exhibited by Parker Hardy of Tipton, MI.

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