Classified Ads – Hay & Straw – March 4, 2015

QUALITY HAY & STRAW. Delivered. All grades & bale sizes. 517-543-1642

DEMOTT FARMS TOP quality Straw for sale. 3x4x7. Stored inside.


ALFALFA BALAGE, individually wrapped, dry alfalfa, grass & straw also available. Big squares, tested. Delivery available. 810-395-4968

FOR SALE: HAY SMALL & large 3x3x8 bales. Call for prices. R. W. Oates, LLC Waldron, Mich 517-286-6241

LARGE SQAURE BALES of straw, 3x4x8, dry & stored inside. Delivery available. 269-209-5086

QUALITY Grass/Alfalfa

all blends and cuttings small squares staring at $4 a bale. 4x5 rounds Grass/Alfalfa $50, & Canary Grass $40. All store inside on Pallets. Semi's Welcome. 260-905-6647

TIMOTHY GRASS MIX hay, 800 bales, 1st & 2nd cutting, $4.00 & $5.00 a bale. 517-676-9435

LARGE QUANTITY OF bright wheat straw, small square bales, 21 bales to a bundle. 419-721-8548

HAY & STRAW, 4X5 OAT straw, 4x5 round clover, 4x4 Sorghum bales, Hay -1st cutting small square bales. Stored inside. Call for prices. 989-305-1831

4X5 ROUND HAY BALES, 2nd cutting Alfalfa with some soft grass, roto-cut. 989-218-1456

DRY COW GRASS, large squares, 1.28 potasium. Delivery available. 810-395-4968

DAIRY QUALITY HAY, large square bales, great for TMR. Also 3rd cutting balage for sale.
Call Kartes Dairy Farm

989-345-1795 or

STRAW 4X4X8 BALES. Stored inside.

DRY WHEAT STRAW, 3x4x8, 1050 lbs a piece. 989-205-7553

CERT. ORGANIC round bales hay $25-$40/bale. No rain; Certified organic bedding 810-217-6165

TRIVALCAL BALEAGE 4x5 approx. 900 lbs. $25. 517-528-8514

FOR SALE: 4X5 1ST cutting round bales, stored inside. Hay is Byron Seeds highland or lowland hay mix. Call: 989-382-5415

4X5 ROUND HAY BALES of Alfafla & Orchard Grass, mixed 1st & 2nd cutting. Concord, MI 517-524-6441

WHEAT STRAW 800 LB. round bales. Net wrap. Stored inside. Can
Deliver. 517-403-5247

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