Classified Ads – Hay & Straw – March 25, 2015

QUALITY HAY & STRAW. Delivered. All grades & bale sizes. 517-543-1642

ALFALFA/GRASS HAY, 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Never wet. Square & Round bales. 517-458-6213

1ST CUTTING ROUND bales, net wrapped. 810-655-6061, 248-431-8172

4x5 bales, net wrap.
Call 989-620-1757

ALFALFA/ALFALFA mixed hay, stating at $150.00 per ton; individually wrapped balage also available. 989-551-8334

4X4 ROUND BALES HAY, 1st cutting, net wrapped, stored inside. 517-522-8291, 517-795-5369

TIMOTHY GRASS MIX hay, 800 bales, 1st & 2nd cutting, $4.00 & $5.00 a bale. 517-676-9435

ALFALFA BALAGE, individually wrapped, dry alfalfa, grass & straw also available. Big squares, tested. Delivery available. 810-395-4968

DEMOTT FARMS TOP quality Straw for sale. 3x4x7. Stored inside.


DAIRY QUALITY HAY, large square bales, great for TMR. Also 3rd cutting balage for sale.
Call Kartes Dairy Farm

989-345-1795 or

4X5 1ST cutting alfalfa & alfalfa grass, 190 bales; 50 2nd cutting June grass. All stored inside. $40 each. 517-930-8255


1st cutting, Mesh Wrap,
stored indoors, approx. 30 bales, $50/bale.

LARGE SQUARE wrapped, Oat, Pea, Triticale,& Rye Forage from Bryon seeds. Good mixed with corn silage and extends silage for beef and dairy heifers rations, low moisture $98.00 ton. 989-866-2540 or 989-330-5739

DRY WHEAT STRAW, 3x4x8, 1050 lbs a piece. 989-205-7553

DRY HAY & STRAW (large & small square bales) and barley for feed. 989-723-1886 or 989-277-1414.

4X5 ROUND HAY BALES of Alfafla & Orchard Grass, mixed 1st & 2nd cutting. Concord, MI 517-524-6441

2000 BALES AT $3.00 per bale. 1-517-899-0443

4X4 NET WRAPPED round bales of hay & straw. 517-749-9754

GRASS HAY 3X4X8 large square bales, rotocut, potassium<2%, Hastings, MI. 269-838-1635


4x5 rnd, net, tarpped, 2nd, $50; 50lb squares, 2nd $5.00. 517-212-6332

(900) SMALL SQUARE bales for sale. 419-488-2201

CERTIFIED ORGANIC Baleage, 1st & 2nd cutting. 989-826-5453

4X5 ROUND HAY BALES, 2nd cutting Alfalfa with some soft grass, roto-cut. 989-218-1456

STRAW SMALL SQUARE bales. Solid heavy bales of clean bright long wheat straw. 1000 bales. $3.00 per bale. Discount for 100 plus bales. 517-902-1314

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