New Year - New Beginnings

Gail Malick

Here we are again………….in the last days of another year. Where has the time flown?

New years always have me thinking of new beginnings. I can start fresh and new with great hopes and aspirations. Not only can I start anew, but I can forget what has happened in the past year and not carry that baggage into the new days.

In my opinion, no one does this same thing as a farmer. Once the harvest comes in, Farmer begins planning for the upcoming planting season with great hopes for a bumper crop. He/She knows that regardless of all the careful planning and work invested into the planting of the seeds, the rest of the growing season depends on the rains, temps, and sunshine (for those who don't have irrigation). It's a total dependence on God. Yet, the hope and anticipation of the another harvest drives those who love the soil.

What happens if there's a "bad" year? Farmer leaves that part of life behind and pulls up the bootstraps and goes at it the following New Year -- a new beginning. As a tiller of the soil, Farmer gets out there again to do the task at hand. Oh, how blessed we are to have so many farmers all over the world growing the foods we eat and need!Welcome New Year! I have great hopes and aspirations for 2023. What about you?