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Inspirational Thoughts: The bounty of God's blessings

As summer winds down on the calendar, we settle into the norm of the fall season. School schedules become routine. Work schedules return to norm. Life takes on a "settling in" appearance. I enjoy the autumn season with its blast of colors and smells. However, the colors only last a small while before the trees become bare for a long time. I found a poem about this month of season change. Thought I would share it here as we all prepared to "bring in the harvest" which God has grown over the summer months. Have a delightful rest of September.


Author: Helen Hunt Jackson

The goldenrod is yellow;

The corn is turning brown;

The trees in apple orchards

With fruit are bending down.

The gentian's bluest fringes

Are curling in the sun;In dusty pods the milkweed

Its hidden silk has spun.The sedges flaunt their harvest

In every meadow nook,And asters by the brookside

Make asters in the brook.From dewy lanes at morning,The grapes' sweet odors rise;At noon the roads all flutter

With yellow butterflies.By all these lovely tokens,September days are here

Wtih summer's best of weather

And autumn's best of cheer.But none of all this beauty

Which floods the earth and airIs unto me the secret

Which makes September fair.

'Tis a thing which I remember;

To name it thrills me yet --

One day of one September

I never can forget.

Gail loves the Lord most of all. She delights in her calling to be a wife to Ed Malick and a mother to seven children ages 18-34 and grandmother of six. Ed is 6th generation on the homestead family farm in Ypsilanti Township, MI.