Welcome Titus to this amazing world

Gail Malick

The Malick family would like to proudly announce the arrival of grandbaby number 14 but before the formal introduction, here's a little background. 

Our daughter along with husband and three girls serve overseas in a Christian school as part of the faculty. Well, our son-in-law is part of the faculty with the rest of the family helping as needed. They have been part of this school for several years and stand as testimony for God to the students and their families. Our school age granddaughters attend the school and most likely will become fluent in the local language.  

Due to the pandemic, the family hasn't been able to come home for a stateside visit. All the rules and regulations with visas changed because of the inability to travel from country to country. The last time we saw the girls it was July of 2019. The youngest was only 10 months old and probably doesn't remember any of us but this is when the computer can connect us again and we can chat face to face. We may still be strange faces on the screen for the youngest though.  

Now, we have another bundle of joy to meet and greet sometime in the future. Allow me to introduce Titus Stephen. He made his appearance on November 1 weighing in at six pounds and nine ounces and measuring 20 inches long. He has long feet which may give him the Malick height with all of our menfolk measuring six feet or taller. I always say that God gives tall people a "firm understanding" to keep their height upright. Baby Titus was welcomed home by his big sisters ages eight (almost), six and four. He will have plenty of caretakers in his life as they dote upon him.  

We give praise to God for allowing our son-in-law to be present for the birth as hospital regulations tightened due to coronavirus and haven't been lifted. We thank the Lord for this healthy boy who may have to wear pink clothes once in a while. As Grandma, I pray that he will come to know about Jesus early in life and grow to be God's mighty warrior in prayer and evangelism.  

Welcome Titus to this amazing world!  

Gail loves the Lord most of all. She delights in her calling to be a wife to Ed Malick and a mother to seven children ages 23 to 40 and grandmother of thirteen. Ed is sixth generation on the homestead family farm in Ypsilanti Township, MI.