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The best Christmas presents

Our family received early Christmas presents this year. For the first time in family history, twins were born to our son and his wife. Twin girls which are number 15 and number 16 in the grandchildren count. Ed and I are now blessed with 11 granddaughters and five grandsons. PHEW!After a high risk pregnancy for the mom, the twins arrived a month early with few complications. Thank you, Lord! They even arrived 56 seconds apart, thus they have the same birth time which doesn't happen very often.Here are their stats:

Josephine AlyseNickname: JosieWeight: 5 lbs. 4 oz.Height: 18 inchesDate and Time: December 17 at 7:14 p.m.

Joy AnnaWeight: 4lbs. 1.3 oz.Height: 16.5 inchesDate and Time: December 17 at 7:14 p.m.

The twins join sisters Jordyn and Jadyn ages four and almost two years old. Do you see the "J" theme? A household of girls each with their own personalities, likes and dislikes! This will be a household full of giggles, hair ties, soaps and pretty smelly things, dresses, shoes, etc. I can see it now.More importantly, these girls will be taught about Jesus and what He did for them. They will learn about the people in the Bible who struggled with personal weaknesses and strengths just like they will. They will know that God loves them and created them for a special purpose on this earth to bring Him glory and honor. They will know at an early age what it means to be a follower of Christ. This is the task parents have to raise their children up in the knowledge and understanding of God. This is the most important part of parenting!As Grandma, my job is to pray for these little ones, for their parents and for their upbringing. I can't be there physically due to the distance and my current elder caretaker role, but prayer crosses miles and miles very easily. That is my assigned task in their upbringing right now.So celebrate with us as we share our 2022 Christmas presents with you.Gail loves the Lord most of all. She delights in her calling to be a wife to Ed Malick and a mother to seven children ages 23 to 40 and grandmother of sixteen. Ed is sixth generation on the homestead family farm in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan.