Cherish each day as if it were your last

Gail Malick

Life has a way of slapping you more awake in everyday living. Let me explain.Our son's mother-in-law suffered an emergency medical condition which required an ambulance ride to the nearby hospital followed by a helicopter ride to a more equipped hospital. Throughout the chain of events, the doctors gave the family very little hope of her survival. The specialist doctor even did a major surgery "for the sake of the family" so they would know that everything that possibly could be done was done.After much prayer and tears and more prayer, the family stood firm in their faith that God could heal the matriarch of the clan. Amazingly, she pulled through the major surgery and was out of ICU within three or four days. God is healing her body! She has a long road to recovery, but the family rejoices that she still lives!With this event happening just before Easter, we received news on the day after Easter from our daughter out West. The mission director for their YWAM base died instantly. He had come to our daughter's house on base to check the water heater. They were standing out on the porch when he mentioned that he was dizzy. He fell to the porch. Immediately our daughter called 911 then proceeded to perform CPR. She and others continued CPR for one hour until the emergency medical team could reach the base.I'm sure many prayers were being said for all those involved in the administering of CPR and for the director. This time, God did not intervene and this faithful servant of the Lord was given his promotion.With these two emergency situations, one resulted in life and the other in physical death. A person might begin to ask God some questions.What was the purpose of all the suffering?Why did You heal one and not the other? We all prayed fervently and sought Your help in each situation.What will become of this ministry without the leadership of the director?Why, God, why?Although the answers to the questions may or may not be known, we do know that each day in which we have air in our lungs is a gift from God and should be treated as such. If we truly lived like today could be our last and is a gift, then many of life's irritations would be powerless in our daily lives. Bitterness, anger and unforgiveness would not remain. We could see beyond the momentary irritations and focus on the true values of everyday living, loving God with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength and loving our neighbor as ourselves. Through this type of love a person can live a victorious life here and now.None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow! Therefore, be spiritually prepared to meet your Maker at any moment because once you die your eternity has been determined. Also live as if this day is your last. Hold no grudges, envy, bitterness, anger or ill will against anyone. Then you will experience the joy of living each day.Gail loves the Lord most of all. She delights in her calling to be a wife to Ed Malick and a mother to seven children ages 23 to 40 and grandmother of sixteen. Ed is sixth generation on the homestead family farm in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan.