What is the gospel according to you?

Gail Malick

I heard a poem read on Mother's Day which was quite appropriate for the occasion. As a mom in days of past, present and future, my life is always on display to my family. Thus, the poem was very thought provoking as a wife, mom, grandma, aunt, etc.May the words encourage and spur you to be a godly example to those around you.The Gospel According to YouBy Arthur McPheeThe Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and Johnare read by more than a few,but the one that is most read and commented onis the gospel according to you.You are writing a gospel, a chapter each dayby the things that you do and the words that you say,men read what you write, whether faithless or true.Say, what is the gospel according to you?Do men read His truth and His love in your life,or has yours been too full of malice and strife?Does your life speak of evil or does it ring true?Say, what is the gospel according to you?Gail loves the Lord most of all. She delights in her calling to be a wife to Ed Malick and a mother to seven children ages 23 to 40 and grandmother of sixteen. Ed is sixth generation on the homestead family farm in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan.