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Welcome to the new

We are pleased to introduce you to our new and improved website. We're excited to bring you a great upgrade. Let me walk you through many of the improvements, and then go check it out.

Here are six ways to enjoy our new site.

1. More visuals

2. Two ways to read

3. Easy search

Looking for something specific? Use the improved search at the top of the page to find information fast.

4. Quickly share your favorites

Our Facebook, Twitter, email and comments buttons "stick" with you on the left while scrolling through an article to make it easier for you to share what's interesting to you.

5. The Right Now section

Right Now is located on the right side of each section front. Here you can find the latest content our team has produced for you – stories and photos that are breaking or new "Right Now."

6. Quick links to your favorite content

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why did you make the changes?

A: We are continuously improving all of our products based on feedback from readers. Our new site is visually more appealing. Stories and photos can be presented in a more engaging way. Search and navigation are simpler.

Q: I'd like to share feedback. How can I do that?

A: We want your feedback. Readers who have provided specific feedback to us have certainly shaped our digital and print products. Even a good idea from one person can cause us to make a change.

Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of our home page.

Q: Are there fewer stories?

A: No. The fresh stories, videos and photos we produce every day are still here. The design that has a photo with more stories makes the site look simpler and leads some readers to believe there are fewer stories. If you prefer to see a more text-driven presentation, you can change the presentation by clicking one button. Below Top News and above Headlines are two boxes -- one for this grid style and one for a list view. You can change them whenever you like.