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Pettisville FFA members visit the nation's Capitol

PETTISVILLE, OH -- Three Pettisville FFA members attended the Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) July 7-11, in Washington D.C. These members were Jacob Dennis, Jordan Skates, and Gretchen Lee. WLC is a conference held for FFA members to learn leadership skills and how they can make a difference in their communities.

On the way to Washington D.C., the members stopped at Gettysburg, PA.They saw a diorama and a cyclorama and toured the Gettysburg Museum.They also drove through the Gettysburg battlefields.

At WLC, the members attended sessions and made their own Living to Serve or LTS plan.An LTS plan involves a member recognizing a problem in their community, the country, or the world, and developing a plan to help end this problem.Our member plans included: promoting wildlife conservation, understanding and reducing the national debt and finding ways to involve students more in FFA.

In addition to learning valuable leadership skills, the members visited Arlington National Cemetery, several monuments, the Newseum, and the three different Smithsonian Museums.The members were able to meet Congressman Bob Latta, and attended a meeting of the Energy and Commerce Committee, of which Latta is a member.The committee was hearing testimony on the ban still in affect regarding exporting crude oil.The group heard from three Congressman and a representative of the Czech Republic.

Overall, the participants enjoyed the conference.Gretchen Lee said "I really appreciate the opportunity provided to me to be able to work within the community groups to sharpen my leadership abilities and enhance my skills of working on committees to accomplish a goal".Jordan Skates said, "I feel privileged to be able to attend the Washington Leadership Conference.I feel that my time there was very beneficial and it has inspired me to be a better leader".Jacob Dennis said that, "I feel privileged that I was able to meet my local Congressman and although he had a busy schedule, he still took the time to talk to us FFA members."

When visiting Latta and some of the sites, the FFA members were accompanied by John and Lexie Poulson.Congressman Latta's intern took the Poulson's on a tour of the capitol.

The Washington Leadership Conference is held each summer, seven different weeks.Past state officers are employed as the staff.The cost for our students was partially covered by the FFA Alumni and several local alumni members.