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CMPM now accepting grant proposals for corn research

LANSING, MI -- The Corn Marketing Program of Michigan (CMPM) announced Sept. 1 that it is accepting grant proposals for corn research for 2016. Proposals are due to the CMPM by Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 5 p.m. EST.

In the interest of moving the entire industry ahead, the CMPM has worked with the Michigan Corn Growers Association (MCGA) to define the needs of the Michigan corn industry. By working together and leveraging the talents of both boards, we can better serve the interests of Michigan's corn growers.

Proposals will be reviewed by the CMPM board, which is made up of corn producers from across the state. The projects selected for funding will be announced in early February 2016.

The CMPM funds research that advances new discoveries and innovative ways to increase the marketability of Michigan's corn. Key CMPM research goals include:

• Developing new and expanded corn markets and value-added uses;

• Finding new, environmentally friendly uses for corn and corn products;

• Enhancing partnerships with researchers and developers of corn-based products, co-products and production research;

• Research that enhances sustainability through water management, nutrient utilization, pest management and conservation of resources;

• Optimizing economic returns and environmental stewardship for corn production; and

• Supporting demonstration and educational projects for the betterment of corn producers.

The 2016 Request for Proposals can be accessed online at

For questions, or to be included on the CMPM research mailing list, please contact Natalie Rector, research coordinator for CMPM, at or 888-323-6601.

For more information, visit Michigan Corn website at