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Shipshewana Auction announces retirement of Lambright

SHIPSHEWANA, IN -- Shipshewana Auction, Inc. announced today the retirement of Kevin Lambright, co-owner, Shipshewana Auction, Inc. Some time ago, Kevin began considering his interests and future plans, and how best to maintain long-term family ownership of the business with one brother becoming less involved.

Keith Lambright intends to continue his work at Shipshewana Auction Inc., and has agreed to purchase his brother's interest in the business which includes the Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market, Shipshewana Misc. & Antique Auction, Shipshewana Antique Mall, Shipshewana RV Park, Farmstead Inn & Conference Center, Shipshewana Auction Restaurant, and Shipshewana Livestock & Horse Auction.

"I plan to continue operating the business in much the way it has operated for years, and we have a good management team in place running the operational business functions," says Keith Lambright.

Kevin plans to stay full-time through the end of October and continue in a consulting capacity for some period of time in the future. "I am committed to a smooth transition and will be available as needed," adds Kevin Lambright.

Shipshewana Auction, Inc. is committed to serving its employees, vendors, and the community and plans to fulfill its mission for years to come of bringing together sellers and buyers while ensuring mutual satisfaction for all parties.

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