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Michigan schools win a spot on Jump with Jill live tour

OKEMOS, MI -- In support of Milk Means More, the rock & roll nutrition show Jump with Jill is pleased to announce that 35 schools have won the show in a statewide contest. This tour is possible thanks to the continued generosity of Michigan's own dairy farmers and milk processors and the wonderful folks at the United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM). Known for crisscrossing the mitten, Jump with Jill will be rocking this tour in a new vehicle designed like a delicious glass of Michigan-produced milk.

The statewide tour of Michigan elementary schools runs from Sept. 8 to Nov. 6 and will be provided at no cost to 35 schools across Michigan this fall. See the full tour roster of winning schools here. Performances are closed to the public but media are welcome to attend. Contact us for the full show locations and times.

"Not only is milk a high quality protein and nutrient source, it is one of Michigan's leading agricultural products, generating nearly 40,000 jobs," says the star of the Midwest Jump with Jill Cast, Laura Brown, MS, RD. "It's so fun to sing about a food that is healthy for our bodies, our communities, and our environment."

"We are dedicated to being a source of information on dairy foods and Michigan dairy farming," said Sharon Toth, CEO of United Dairy Industry of Michigan. "The Milk Means More brand captures the impact Michigan's dairy industry has throughout our state, from providing nutritious and wholesome foods, to jobs in our communities. We are so proud to partner with Jump with Jill to take this message to Michigan kids."

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