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Ohio ranch wins longhorn world championships

BARNESVILLE, OH -- Dickinson Cattle Company (DCCI) of Barnesville, OH, won the 2015 Longhorn World Championship in Oklahoma City (OKC), OK, ending with the fiercest of competition on Oct. 24. The final calculations were in the Cox Convention Center in downtown OKC. This event is the world's largest and most versatile cattle competition.

The TLMA World Championship is a horn-measuring event with careful detail to tip-to-tip measurement and total horn. Measurements are calculated to 1/16th of an inch by a team of experienced horn masters. This event has built momentum for many years and has great influence on Texas Longhorn market popularity. In recent years Texas Longhorn cattle have sold for amounts above $150,000, and many were sporting record wide serpentined spreads.

Texas Longhorn cattle are bred for all the same virtues of other cattle breeds, yet serious longevity of production, attractive colors, unassisted calving, large weaning weights and long twisty horns. The horns are an exciting investor factor with multiple opinionated preferences.

The Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance hosts numerous satellite events all across the nation, then the following week the last group of cattle are measured publicly in the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. Owners who think they have the largest horned cattle participate in this public venue, and like a horse race, only one wins. The TLMA plan lets the best of the best compete all over the nation with all calculations finalized in OKC.

DCCI entered two Ohio herd sires Rodeo Max and Clear Point, both prior World Champions. Clear Point won the Largest tip-to-tip in his division and the Greatest Total Horn. Rodeo Max won the Largest tip-to-tip in his division. Clear Point measured 86.5" at under 42 months and Rodeo Max won with an 85" measurement at age 11. In a rapidly advancing industry it is difficult for an 11 year old to be this competitive.

Dickinson Cattle Company is a family owned ranching business that markets registered cattle, hosts ranch tours for the public and competes in national livestock contests. DCCI has a fully stocked ranch store providing horn products and all natural Texas Longhorn healthy beef. Ranch manager Joel Dickinson reports, "We were very honored that from satellite events nationwide and the final OKC event, our Ohio DCCI bulls won their World Championship Bronzes."

The International Texas Longhorn Association and Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance co-host the Longhorn Extravaganza at OKC. The Expo turns into a two day 10 ring circus of horn measuring, judged shows, futurities, video presentations, business meetings, marketing booths, vendor "horn" peddlers and an awards presentation/banquet on the final night.