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Growers can try Valley BaseStation3 for free


The days of driving to the field in the middle of the night to check on center pivots are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Gone are the days of missing vacations, children’s ballgames and family time.

And it’s all thanks to remote monitoring and control technology.

Now growers interested in adding irrigation remote monitoring and control to their operations can try Valley BaseStation3 for free. BaseStation3 allows growers to manage and control their irrigation equipment from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone; with the option of no monthly or annual fees.

A new Demo gives growers a hands-on, no-commitment test drive of BaseStation3.

The Demo puts growers in control of a simulated farm so they can dig into BaseStation3’s capabilities. They can create a step program, discover Destination ETA and Valley-exclusive Cruise Control™, and explore the Auxiliary Link control and monitoring features.

Growers can log in to the Demo at

“We work hard to make sure our technology keeps making farmers’ lives better and easier,” said John Campbell, Valley Irrigation manager of technology advancement and adoption. “BaseStation3 provides more control, more freedom and better quality of life.”

A free Demo of the BaseStation3 mobile app is also available.

Growers can download the app from the Apple or Android app store, then click on the Demo button to discover the powerful control the app offers, and experience the bright, clean layout and intuitive design.

David Segars, a grower from Hartsville, N.C., is a big fan of BaseStation3 and the mobile app.

“The mobile app is extremely user-friendly,” Segar said. “I’m using it on my iPhone and iPad now and hardly ever use my desktop anymore. I don’t know how I ever irrigated without it. I can even go on vacation now.”

The cutting-edge technology of BaseStation3 also means growers can choose an Internet-connected or stand-alone installation, and select data radio, cellular modems, Internet protocol or a combination of technologies – a choice no one else offers. Another BaseStation3 exclusive: A typical installation doesn’t require any recurring fees.

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