June field day will feature farm tours, breakout sessions

Shelby Burlew, MSUE Livestock Environmental Educator

HILLSDALE, MI -- On June 25, 2016, Greener Grass Farms and the Hillsdale Conservation District will be hosting a field day for livestock farmers who manage pastures in their grazing programs. This event will feature farm tours and great educational breakout sessions to choose from. The “Hillsdale County Grazing & Pasture Field Day” will be located at Greener Grass Farms, owned by Dan & Deb Marsh, at 10240 Youngs Rd, Quincy, MI 49082 beginning at 8:30 a.m. with registration. Pre-registration is required, no later than Friday, June 10; and is available online (on the Hillsdale Conservation District’s website) or mail your registration to the Hillsdale Conservation District (see brochure) or by calling the Hillsdale Conservation District at (517) 849-9890 Ext. 3 or e-mail at The registration fee, which covers the tour, lunch and all materials, is $20 per person with a free lunch provided to those 16 years old or younger. Please be sure to pre-register early for this event.

The “Hillsdale County Grazing & Pasture Field Day” promises to be a full day of intensive knowledge and sharing seminars along with farm tours. This event will provide the opportunity to see firsthand pasture management practices being implemented on grazing systems, time to network with fellow farmers and learn from Michigan State University faculty, MSU Extension educators and industry professionals.

The educational breakout sessions include:

• Improving Soil Health – learn from experts on ways to improve your soil. There will be sessions on 1) Soil Sampling and Understanding Soil Test Results, 2) Soil Biology on the Farm, 3) MSU Rainfall Simulator Demonstration, 4) Economics & A Systems Approach to Cover Crops and 5) Increasing Profitability with Improved Soil Health.

• Regulations and Resources for Direct Marketing Meat – a session will be provided to cover regulatory requirements for marketing meat to consumers and resources to assist producers in marketing their products.

• Economics of Grazing – learn from experts on grazing and profitability. There will be sessions on 1) Research from the MSU AgBioResearch Lake City Research Center on Grassing Finishing Beef, 2) Sustainable Grazing Systems for Sheep and Beef, and 3) Small Farm Poultry Production.

• Grazing in Hillsdale County, Michigan – learn from a local producer panel on experiences gained on the quest for improved grazing techniques.

Be sure to join Dan Marsh, owner of Greener Grass Farms, and the local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service on a tour learning more about the farm and looking at grazing methods, NRCS watering projects and soil erosion improvements. Choose between a hayride farm tour in the morning or afternoon. The “Hillsdale County Grazing & Pasture Field Day” is a MAEAP Phase 1 event. Join us for an interactive and educational event. For more information or to register contact the Hillsdale Conservation District at 517-849-9890 Ext. 3 or or visit their website at