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Veteran farmer honored with ‘Geared to Give’ award


For the last two years, a very special partnership has been formed to encourage and enhance the work of farmers who have served their country as members of the armed services. As a result, Jason Scramlin of Hickory Corners, MI, became the newest recipient of the “Geared to Give” award sponsored by the Kubota Tractor Corporation, along with the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

Scramlin received a new Kubota tractor with a frontend loader from Kubota Tractor Corporation, a Land Pride mower from the local Kubota dealer Bronsink & Bos, and a roof/canopy from Firebird in addition to being honored. He is the first Michigan farmer to be honored.

A ceremony was held on June 23 at Split Rail Farm with several guests in attendance. The ambiance was set as the sheep’s calls were amplified throughout the farm. Scramlin and his wife Jordan raise 38 head of sheep for meat and wool. Jason Foscolo, General Counsel for the Farmer Veteran Coalition, shared some thoughts about Scramlin and his involvement in the community.

“He has incorporated himself in the community and with his involvement in Farm Bureau,” Foscolo said. “We just couldn’t have picked a better representative.”

The Kubota Tractor Corporation came to the Farmer Veteran Coalition two years ago with the proposal of sharing equipment with veterans who completed their service and planned to move on to agricultural pursuits. “Kubota really believes in our mission,” Foscolo said. “We wouldn’t be here without their support.” Kubota has 1100 dealers nationwide who work in cooperation with the annual award.

Scramlin was given the keys to the tractor along with Kubota-themed items including something for the third member to their young family. The Scramlins are expecting their first child in October.  He was then invited to share some comments of his own.

“I appreciate this event and this day and obviously the tractor,” he said. “Mom and Dad taught me to work hard. The Marines taught me to be on time.” Scramlin plans to expand the operation as demand increases for the products they offer. “This all means so much.”

The speakers included Foscolo; Alex Woods, Kubota VP, Product Resources, Parts and Divisional Operations; and Dan Bos, Co-owner of Bronsink and Bos, authorized Kubota dealer.

Scramlin served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1997 through 2005, when he was honorably discharged. Once he returned, he began his studies in Animal Science at Michigan State University.  He met his wife Jordan there and they now own a flock of commercial sheep and produce their own hay. Scramlin is the West Michigan Regional Representative for the Michigan Farm Bureau. He also supports youth in the 4-H and FFA programs.

Kubota began their “Geared to Give” program in March 2015 to support the Farmer Veteran Coalition and those service men and women who are looking to jobs in the agricultural sector. They have donated Kubota equipment and financial aid to ensure the success of the farming communities that these people are working within. Bronsink and Bos have been Kubota dealers since 2004 and are located in Mattawan, MI.

The Farmer Veteran Coalition was developed to encourage a new generation of farmers and agricultural leaders. The coalition provides mentorship, peer support and career counseling for any U.S. military veterans who are returning to or wish to begin employment in the food and farming industry.