Chickens in classrooms: Here’s how you can help


Chickens are becoming a popular option for school curriculum across the country. Students connect with the birds and also learn lifelong lessons about teamwork, responsibility and animal care.

“What did you do in school today?” “Fed some chickens, learned where eggs come from, designed a new chicken coop.”

Sound like a conversation that could happen at a dinner table in New York City? What about San Francisco or Chicago?

Today, these talks are more probable than you may think. As part of learning experience programs, many schools across the country – both urban and rural – have added chicken coops to their curriculum. Teachers praise their flocks for providing hands-on lessons to students, from responsibility and teamwork to biology and animal care. And students credit the chickens as one of their favorite reasons for going to school.

Realizing the benefits of backyard chickens in classrooms, Purina Animal Nutrition has started an initiative to help these programs thrive.

The program, launched along with an app called “Chick Flick by Purina,” empowers flock raisers to share the fun of raising chickens through easy-to-create, short online videos. The new online video creation app makes it easy to share the joy of raising birds and collecting eggs in their own backyard.

“Chickens are a source of happiness to those that have them – from a gardener in Texas to a classroom in North Carolina,” says Jodi Eineichner, backyard flock marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “Our goal is to share the joy of raising chickens to friends, family and students across the country.”

To share this joy, Purina is partnering with schools nationwide. For every chick flick video shared through Sept. 2, Purina will donate five pounds of chicken feed to their network of coop-to-school programs – up to 25,000 pounds of feed.

Here’s how it works:

• Chicken enthusiasts visit

• Visitors choose six photos from their chickens.

• The app creates a fun, shareable video from the photos.

• Fans share the created video on Facebook or Instagram.

• For each video shared, Purina will donate five pounds of chicken feed to a participating school – up to 25,000 pounds of feed.

Chicken owners are invited to create a chick flick at Fans can also view videos from other chicken raisers by using the hashtag #YourChickFlick. Questions can be directed to Purina Poultry on Facebook.

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