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Save the date for NMC annual meeting

ST. PETE BEACH, FL -- The Sunshine State will host the National Mastitis Council (NMC) 56th Annual Meeting in St. Pete Beach, Fla., Jan. 29-31, 2017, at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort. This property includes one of the largest beachfront playgrounds on the Gulf Coast.

“The overall aim of the annual meeting in St. Pete Beach is to bring our membership back to our roots and understand our long-term relationship with milk of high quality,” said Mario Lopez, NMC first vice president and annual meeting program chair, and DeLaval technology manager milk quality animal health. “We have scheduled a motivational talk provided by Simon Sinek’s group on ‘Knowing Your Why,’ complemented by inspiring presentations from well-known mastitis and milk quality speakers, who will make attendees reflect on their commitment to promote the production of high quality milk by understanding the needs of the modern cow and the consumer.”

David Kelton, NMC second vice president and University of Guelph professor of epidemiology and dairy health, Guelph, Ont., Canada, added, “The upcoming annual meeting will feature a full offering of short courses, including repeats of some of the most popular courses from previous years, as well as several exciting new ones.” Confirmed short courses include: Behold the Powers of Observation: Expanding Your Milk Quality Toolbox; Engaged Employees: The Connection between Protocols and Performances; An Organized Approach to Developing a Long-term Action Plan for Herds with Poor Teat Ends; Mastitis Management in Hot, Humid Climates; Practical Mastitis Problem Solving; Food Armor: Judicious Antibiotic Use, it’s Easier than You Think; and Practical Application of Evidence-based Strategies for Treatment of Clinical Mastitis.

In an effort to enhance NMC professional development opportunities, NMC is hosting a silent auction and informal meet and greet session the evening of Jan. 30. “We hope this silent auction gives our members a chance to make new acquaintances, renew old ones and raise a little cash for NMC professional development,” said Sandra Godden, NMC president and University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine professor. Contact the NMC office at (952) 758-2146 if you would like to donate an item.

Watch the NMC website – – for program updates and registration information. For more information about TradeWinds Island Grand Resort, visit