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St. Joseph to hold public auction on Oct. 29

ST. JOSEPH, MI -- The City of St. Joseph will hold a public auction on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 10 a.m., at the City’s Public Works facilities located at 1160 Broad Street, St. Joseph, MI. City Manager John Hodgson notes, “We have many items that can be made available to the public, freeing up needed storage space and returning proceeds to the public coffers.” When asked what items will be included, Hodgson notes, “There will a spectrum of items ranging from front end loaders, trucks, cars, copiers, to over 100 bicycles and even some leftover public art.” All city departments are participating by submitting excess property to the auction.

Jerry Glassman, owner of Big Bear Auctions, LLC, and his crew, will be on hand to lead the auction. Big Bear Auctions, LLC’s main office is located in Eau Claire, MI, with additional offices in Kalamazoo and Indiana. Mr. Glassman has over 25 years of auctioneer experience with providing many types of auction services.

All questions relating to the auction itself can be directed to Big Bear Auctions by contacting them through their website, or calling them at 269-461-6686. Items are not available for pre-sale. A list of property to be auctioned will be available through Big Bear Auctions, LLC.

For information relating to the City of St. Joseph and its municipal government, please visit or call 269-983-5541.