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New rural horse feed store opens


With a passion for horses and an entrepreneurial spirit, Tracie Clough recently swung open the doors of The Feed Bag, LLC., in downtown North Adams, Michigan, a new feed store featuring Tribute Horse Feed and a variety of other feeds.

Having been a Tribute horse feed distributor for a short period of time, Clough decided she needed a more permanent place of business. “I really needed a store front with set business hours and someone always available, so people could get the products they need.” Clough continued, “So I began looking and this one popped up in North Adams, so in September we began renovating and opened on December 14th.”

Clough is no stranger to the feed business as she worked for the Cutler-Dickerson Company before they closed their doors. “I learned a lot working for Cutler-Dickerson about what people need and their personal preferences.  I hope to be able to fill the needs of the local customers along with those who are looking for a particular line of feed.”

Launching the store with an existing customer base, Clough not only offers the Tribute horse feeds but the Progressive line of horse feed is also available at the Feed Bag, LLC., and is the only one in a 30+ mile radius in the southern Michigan area that offers it.

“I’m not a mill but I do have access to all kinds of feeds, in addition to the more unique items that people need and won’t find at surrounding stores,” commented Clough.

With basic livestock feeds for everything from horses to cows and pigs to rabbits, Clough has stocked the store with not only what the livestock owner needs but she offers birdseed and a line of dog and cat foods as well. “We have Canidae, Sport Mix and Victor dog food line as well as looking into getting the “Buddy Boy” line of dog food for hunting dogs,” Clough mentioned. And for dog owners who want a ‘cleaner’ dog food, Clough offers “Under the Sun” that is grain and filler free.

Shavings, hay and straw can be found at the Feed Bag, as well as a few items for the human side of life. “We have a line of purses, some horse shoe art and we will be featuring a full line of all natural lotions and creams,” said Clough. Simple horse tack items can also be found at the Feed Bag.

Clough is all about the customer, “Customer service is huge to me, I want to be known as the place that will have your feed in stock when you need it.”

Clough grew up in neighboring Jerome and has been involved in raising and breeding horses her entire life. Opening a store is no small feat but Clough is up for the challenge, “I’ve never been a quitter, if I have something in my mind I’m going to do my best, to make it happen”.

The Feed Bag, LLC is located in downtown North Adams, Michigan and is open Wednesday through Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and the phone number is 517-287-0096.