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Grand antique music collection sells

CHARLOTTE, MI -- Stanton’s Auctioneers conducted their Annual Fall auction of automatic music machines on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 18, 19 and 20th.  The sale was held on the Eaton County Fairgrounds in Charlotte, MI, drawing collectors and buyers from 18 states, and Canada to participate in person during the 3-day event.  In addition to the onsite participation additional participation came from collectors from online, email and phone bidders from across the U.S., and Canada as well as Europe, Australia and Asia.

The sale represented many Estates and Collections including ones from Florida, Canada, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Iowa, Virginia, Connecticut, North Carolina, California, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, many other small offerings of machines from private collections.  This auction represented the 36th year that Stanton’s Auctioneers have been conducting sales of this type in Michigan and around the United States.

Some of the items sold included as very rare Regina 20-3/4” console music box in a Rookwood decorated cabinet that sold for $20,800; A Mills Violano Virtuoso (Player Violin & piano) sold for $23,650.; An antique Edison wooden advertising sign listing the merchandise sold for (lot 77) $742.50; Rare mahogany Herzog phonograph cabinet with cylinder record storage sold for $6,325.; Victor VI disc phonographs with mahogany wooden spear tip horns sold from $3,800 - $4,200.; Empress Concert Grand console 18-1/2” disc music box brought $5,775.; A fine wood cob roller organ with matching table and unusual custom and floral decoration sold for $1,870 with the decoration proving to generate the desire amongst the collectors in this one of a kind example.; A rare Lochmann disc table model music box with 8 tubular chime bells (a rare feature on a box of this type) brought $8,250; While a Regina Hexaphone commercial phonograph, that plays 6 cylinder records in a floor model cabinet brought $5,600.  The example was in unrestored condition with potential, and a 5-cent coin operated example; An Edison mahogany Opera with wooden mahogany cygnet horn was a good buy at $4,180; Different examples of Salter, Hawthorne & Sheble & Herzog record cabinets sold for $4,400, $6,425, 2,530; and $2,200 continuing to prove these fine and fancy styles from this manufacturers are very sought after.; Also a very rare Hawthorne and Sheble phonograph and drop-down disc record storage cabinet sold for $3,740; A Regina 20-3/4” disc music box with a cupola top and matching base cabinet for disc storage sold for $4,300; A very nice Regina Style 35 – 15-1/2” automatic changer music box with stained glass front sold for $14,850; A round floor model Modernola phonograph with lamp decoration with Oriental or Asian decoration sold for $2,530.00.  Also sold from the Weidey Collection of Ohio was a wonderful group of over 50 children’s key wind phonograph’s, these machines were produced in Germany and Europe as well as in the United States and contained graphics of Nursery rhymes and children’s themes that always make them a desirable and sought after commodity in any sale.

Also there were two very interesting store needle display cases including a Victor Nipper example in a glass front case that sold for $1,980 and an open top Columbia style that brought $1,485.00.  Another good roller organ was a Tournaphone in a walnut stenciled case with a matching stand that sold for $1,100;  Oak case Interchangeable cylinder music box with 4 small cylinders brought 2,425.; A fine French Bronze Statue Clock with gold gilding and a large cylinder music box in the base sold for a strong $5,225; and a very nice Oil painting with Village scene, clock in a tower and music box in the same brought $2,640.00; Stella 15-1/2” disc music box $2,090.00; Polyphon floor model disc music box, Style 51, 15-1/2” (single comb) sold for $4,950; A rare Ariophon music machine in a music box case that played cardboard sheets of music sold for $2,860.00- this example had only been seen before when an article had been written about one by the Music Box Society International years earlier in their publication; A revolving musical Christmas tree stand brought $715.;

Stanton’s have already begun working on their next Spring Music Machine Specialty Auction that will be held on May 4, 5, 6, 2017. They will be accepting consignments for this large and important auction.  Call to get on their national travel itinerary and discuss including your machines or collection in their event.  Stanton’s Auctioneers & Realtors, 144 S. Main, P.O. Box 146, Vermontville, Michigan 49096 (517) 726-0181 office, Website: