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Great Lakes Conference is March 7

EAST LANSING, MI – The Great Lakes Conference, designed to provide Michigan citizens with information on current research, trends and critical issues facing the Great Lakes, will be bringing top researchers and educators to this year’s ANR Week to provide their perspectives on key topics concerning the Great Lakes.

“A vast majority of our audience lives within the Great Lakes basin. Everyday actions by Michigan citizens can have an influence on the Great Lakes and their receiving waters,” said Lois Wolfson, who has been involved with the annual Great Lakes Conference from its beginning in 1990.

“If participants realize that they can, in a small or large way, help protect the Great Lakes, then they are investing in Michigan’s present and future,” she said.

Wolfson said that multiple threats face the Great Lakes, including invasive species, contaminates, harmful algal blooms and habitat degradation.

“By hearing about these issues, learning about various approaches being taken to address them and knowing that Michigan is committed to protecting and restoring the waters, I hope that participants feel that they, too, can be valued contributors to protecting the Great Lakes,” Wolfson said.

“It’s especially gratifying when participants learn something new and then share that information and use it in their own programs,” she added.

The Great Lakes Conference is scheduled for March 7 in the Kellogg Center Auditorium. The two keynote speakers are Joan Rose, MSU endowed professor, international authority on microbial contaminants in water and the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Stockholm Water Prize. Jon Allen, director of the Office of the Great Lakes, chair of the Great Lakes commission and former co-chair of the state’s Water Resources Advisory Council, will also be speaking.

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For 102 years, the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, MSU Extension and MSU AgBioResearch have welcomed visitors to ANR Week. This year’s event, March 4-11, offers more than 50 programs and annual association meetings on and near the East Lansing campus. ANR Week is the largest event of its kind in the nation.

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