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Program offered to manage nutrients

OSU Extension Williams County is offering the following program for free.  The Ohio State University Extension has four Nutrient Management Plan Writers working to assist farmers in developing free Nutrient Management Plans (NMP) in the Western Lake Erie Basin (WLEB) of Ohio. Plans provide both fertility recommendations and an environmental site risk for fields that help identify resource concerns impacting nutrient and sediment loss.

WHY SHOULD I CONSIDER DOING A NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT PLAN?  The plans provide general guidelines on 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices for your farm resulting in the “Right” rate, source, timing and placement of nutrients to maximize efficiency in fertilizer use. These plans also meet criteria needed for “affirmative defense” once coupled with other criteria defined in Ohio law. They are provided without cost to the participants. While each individual will base their decision on whether to do a NMP on one or more factors specific to their farm, some reasons you might consider include the potential to reduce fertilizer costs, potential to increase yields, maximize nutrient use efficiency and minimize nutrients leaving the field, potentially qualify for NRCS/FSA reimbursement for EQIP program practices, basis for “affirmative defense” as stated in Ohio law against private civil lawsuits (e.g. those brought by environmental groups if you are in compliance with your NMP), and there is no financial cost to individuals but will require an investment of your personal time.

We will work with any grain/vegetable/crop producers, and/or non-CAFO livestock producers who have the following information available:

• Soil tests from no later than 2014 in less than 25 acre zones**

• Complete farm maps and/or FSA maps**

• Fertilizer program, complete with amounts and N-P-K products

• Implement details and information, and operation timelines

• Crop rotations and yield goals for 2016-2022

• Water locations in operation, artificial drainage practices, and type of surface drainage

• Manure: storage capacity, acres to spread on, number of animals, feed information

• NRCS EQIP program information (if planning to apply, or already applied)

**bring with you printed copies or electronic we can save

Who:grain, vegetable, hay producers and/or non-CAFO livestock producers

Where: Williams County Extension Office, 1425 East High Street, Bryan

When: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Time:  1 hour session between 9 am - 3 pm   Plan about one hour minimum for your session.

RSVP: Contact Jessie Schulze at 419-782-4771 or and provide your name, county, phone number, and if you want an AM or PM session. Reservation not required, first come, first served.  Call with questions or visit for more information.