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Bane-Welker offers Sentera products

LEBANON, IN -- Bane-Welker Equipment’s Precision Farming Department is excited to announce the addition of Sentera Drones, Sensors and Software to their current product offering.

Sentera specializes in end-to-end precision agriculture solutions including normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) sensors, easy to use drones and robust data management software - AgVault.  With over 220 years of collective remote sensing experience, Sentera and Bane-Welker Equipment will show you how to take your farming operation to new heights.

Aside from offering drones, sensors and software, the Bane-Welker Precision Farming Department has added a Sentera Omni drone to their toolbox. The Omni drone, (named AVI8R) is equipped with Sentera’s Double 4K sensor and will primarily be used for crop scouting (see website for current rates), custom flights and demonstrations.  It will be piloted by their FAA certified remote operator, David Fox.

The Bane-Welker Precision Farming Specialists are the primary contact for all your drone, sensor and software needs.  If you’d like to learn more about Bane-Welker’s drone services, or any of the Sentera products, please visit

With more than 220 years of combined experience with sensors, software, UAV, data management, and engineering solutions, Sentera is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of end-to-end remote-sensing technologies in the agriculture, infrastructure, and public safety industries. In a single growing season, Sentera’s equipment gathered over 175 terabytes of data from 8,000 flights. The company recently passed a milestone of collecting more than 25,000,000 acres of images.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Dylan Diaz at 765.866.0494.  Or visit