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Topeka goes to the birds - literally!

Within hearing distance of the Topeka Auction Barn in Topeka, IN is a place that has gone to the birds literally. Nature Unlimited is located just south of the famous auction facility and offers products for the many feathered friends that live in the area.

Due to a hobby turning into a business, David and Mary Yoder have sold a variety of items relating to wild birds and caring for them. The shop building is overflowing with bird houses and feeders for an assortment of species, seed mixes, birdwatching equipment, and home décor items. Books and puzzles are also sold there.

The couple has cared for 7 – 9 purple martin houses, drawing a colony of 60 pairs of martins. They built their own houses and created interest in the community. Because of that, Yoder was asked to build houses for others and sell them.

“We started out by selling the purple martin houses and have grown from there,” he said. “While it took us four years to get birds to our place, we have been encouraging the population with the additional houses in the area.”

The other houses and feeders they offer appeal to wood ducks, bluebirds, bats, flicker, wrens, chickadees, hummingbird and orioles. The seeds mixes are designed to draw birds and care for them. The store also sells peanut feeders as well as live mealworms.

For the bird watching enthusiasts, the business has binoculars and bird identification books. Bird lovers can purchase gift items relating to their passion including clocks, thermometers, window ornaments, and framed pictures.

A set of hand painted turkey feathers as wall decorations were one of the more unusual offerings.

The garden needs are being supplied as they sell seeds, seed potatoes, plant foods, and fertilizers along with greenhouse plants. Mary runs the greenhouse where they sell vegetables, flowers, perennials, and hanging baskets. The front greenhouse is used as a display area, inspiring shoppers with fountains, container plants, and landscaping ideas.

Though they sell a variety of birding products, the purple martins are still their passion and they are happy to share tips and tricks to attracting them to your homestead. With spring just around the corner, now is the time to prepare for the feathered population of the world and possibly a new hobby.