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DPAC field day to focus on drainage, water management

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN -- After an unusually rainy spring, farmers will have an opportunity to learn more about drainage water management during the Drainage Field Day, June 7-8 at theDavis Purdue Agricultural Center (DPAC).

Contractors will demonstrate proper bedding of field tile, making tile connections properly and techniques for leveling soil over installed tile. Purdue Extension specialists will discuss the results of 12 years of drainage water management research conducted at DPAC, including impact on crop yields and water quality.

The agenda for both days includes a tiling demonstration, field visits and vendor displays. On June 7, Jane Frankenberger, professor of agricultural and biological engineering and Purdue Extension water quality specialist, will lead a presentation focusing on the results from 12 years of research on the tile drainage system at DPAC.

“Our goal is to inform producers about best practices in drainage water management and to help them make the best decisions for their own operation,” said Jeff Boyer, DPAC superintendent. 

“Tiling can be a cost-effective solution to drainage problems, especially in areas with poorly-drained soils.”

Boyer said there has been an enthusiastic response to the field day, indicating that farmers are interested in learning more about drainage. 

The event is free but registration is required. Lunch will be available for purchase both days.

For more information, contact Nancy Gutwein at 219-204-1722, or

The Davis Purdue Agricultural Center is located at 6230 N. State Road 1 in Farmland.