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AgroExpo 2017: New place, renewed focus

As AgroExpo embarks on the second year of what the event’s planning committee hopes is a long run serving full-time farmers, it’s taken on a renewed focus at a new place.

“The new location is in the heartbeat of our farming operation,” said AgroLiquid’s Albert Bancroft. “We have better, less-dense soil. It’s well-drained and irrigated. It’s higher, flatter and overall a more presentable site than last year.”

The new show site is located at 5605 North Findlay Road in St. Johns, just northwest of last year’s show site. The centrally-located parking allows show attendees to simply walk to the silage demonstration area, commercial exhibits and seed plots.

Trams will be available for attendees as well.

“We built a good foundation for AgroExpo last year,” Bancroft said, “but we’ve upped the gait for year two. We tightened

the crop plot experience. There are more plots and more fields to experience, and we’re better prepared for the crowd of supporters. We learned a lot from last year, and we have a good foundation to make this year a great experience.”

The location is not as important, however, as the connections farmers can make at the two-day show.

“We want people to network,” Bancroft said. “We want farmers to keep talking, make new connections and invigorate old ones.

We have some really good speakers who are not selling products, and if we do things well, farmers will leave wanting to learn more. We want to make sure that happens, and with the advantages of the new location, we’re confident we can do that.”