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Heifer donated for 2018 Angus Foundation package

The Angus Foundation is pleased to announce that Jim Coleman, Vintage Angus Ranch, Modesto, CA, is donating the heifer that will anchor the Angus Foundation Heifer Package.

“It is an honor for Vintage Angus Ranch to donate the 2018 Angus Foundation heifer,” says Jim Coleman, Vintage Angus Ranch owner. “We are selecting a very elite female to represent the very best of Vintage Angus Ranch that truly delivers upon our goal of producing ultimate Angus genetics. Again, we are humbled by this prestigious invitation from the Angus Foundation, and consider it a privilege to give back to the Angus breed.”

The Angus Foundation Heifer Package will be auctioned on January 10, 2018, at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colo.

“We are honored that Vintage Angus Ranch has stepped up to donate the female for the 2018 Angus Foundation Heifer Package,” says Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation President. “This heifer will provide the lucky buyer with some of the best genetics in the Angus breed while simultaneously generating funds for educational, research and youth activities advancing the Angus breed.”

The 2018 Angus Foundation heifer is a February 2017 female out of Blackbird 8809 and sired by Discovery X 8809, one of the most sought-after sires in the Angus breed today. Discovery progeny are known for displaying light birth weights and exceptional growth. The heifer’s dam is the famous dam of Foreman, Generation, Index, Ranger, Frontier, Complete 1209, Commander, Reserve and Rubicon.

Coleman and Vintage Angus Ranch General Manager Doug Worthington are responsible for Vintage Angus Ranch’s proven Angus genetics, as the pair work together to make all of the herd’s breeding decisions. Vintage Angus Ranch raises their 450 females on year-round grass covering three different hill ranches in the Modesto area. Coleman started Vintage Angus in 1976, expanding the program to a national scale. Worthington received the 1985 National Herdsman Award from the American Angus Association and Coleman hired him in 1989.

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