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Harvest Energy Solutions testifies before Senate

Mark Olinyk, President of Michigan EIBC member company Harvest Energy Solutions, testified in favor of the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) in the 2018 Farm Bill before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. Olinyk – whose Jackson-based company designs, sells, and installs solar panels for its agricultural and rural customers – stated that much of his business’s success and growth was due to REAP’s inclusion in the 2014 Farm Bill.

“The farmers and small businesses we work with could not afford the renewable energy systems we provide without upfront financing provided through the REAP program.  REAP has been a component of nearly a quarter of our business,” Olinyk said in Committee. “Not only is it critical to our bottom line, REAP allows our clients to save electricity, save money, achieve greater efficiencies, and make their operations more stable, less risky, and more profitable.”

Beyond this, Olinyk explained, “Harvest Energy has been successful, in part, because of smart federal investments in rural communities – namely resources provided through the REAP program. REAP grants and loans are available to assist farmers and rural business owners invest in renewable energy systems or to make energy efficient improvements. This combination is working well for our customers and U.S. rural businesses. The program is helping to create more jobs across rural America.”

The reauthorization bill will have to pass out of Committee before being voted on by the full Senate, and then the House.

Harvest Energy Solutions Provides Cost Effective Renewable Energy for Agriculture, Commercial and Residential Customers Throughout the Midwest Harvest Energy Solutions provides full design and installation of solar energy and wind energy systems in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin and now in Arkansas. We specialize in agricultural, commercial and rural residential installations.

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