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Seminar bridges sales/marketing gap

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN -- Purdue University’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business will offer the 2018 Market Planning for Agri-Marketers August 7-9 in West Lafayette.
Consolidation, slim margins, and challenging markets mean that sales and marketing professionals who implement marketing strategy in their companies need to be really effective. This course is built to help participants learn how to deal with situations they are likely to face in the marketplace daily.
Participants will work with instructors and peers to address specific real-world situations. Topics include how buyers make decisions, how they prefer to communicate and how best to get products and services to them.
“Marketing goes well beyond advertising,” said Scott Downey, associate center director and associate professor of agricultural economics. 
“It’s all about creating a reputable brand and a value proposition that aligns with customers’ needs. Whether a person is in a sales or marketing role, they have responsibility for communicating a cohesive message to the customer. Market Planning for Agri-Marketers is a program that connects the dots between the sales and marketing functions.”
In addition Downey, Justin Funk of Canada’s Agri Studies Inc. will present at the seminar. Funk is the firm’s managing partner and teaches sales and marketing courses at the Ontario Agricultural College and the University of Guelph.
Participants will learn how to use decision analysis tools for optimal operation, evaluate profitability and performance, differentiate their organizations and thrive in environments with constant change. Additional topics include understanding market activities, considering different market communication tools and using basic market sales forecasting to estimate product uptake.
This program is designed for anyone responsible for managing and implementing sales and marketing activities at the local or regional level, such as product/brand managers or regional account managers.
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