Miller Poultry named Whole Foods Supplier

GOSHEN, IN -- Miller Poultry was named the Supplier of the Year in the perishable foods category for Whole Foods Market at the sixth annual Supplier Awards Night on April 19 in Austin, Texas.
The event spotlighted producers that exemplify the grocer’s mission and core values through their commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, ethical sourcing, and culinary innovation.
Miller Poultry began in the 1940s in northern Indiana as a company raising and selling turkeys. In 1992, it shifted to chicken and produced 20,000 birds a week with 30 employees. When Whole Foods opened its first two stores in Chicago more than 20 years ago, Miller Poultry, supplied them with antibiotic-free chicken.
Miller Poultry now sells 650,000 chickens a week thanks to 825 employees and 150 farm families who raise the birds in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. “We’re a small chicken company, but we’re committed to naturally grown poultry raised without antibiotics and grateful for all our Whole Foods and other customers who buy our products,” said President and CEO Galen Miller.
The partnership with Whole Foods has been a good one, he said. Both companies have grown, though at different scale.
“Our shoppers look to Whole Foods Market for new and delicious products, and we are honored to recognize our top supplier partners who demonstrate industry-leading innovation and impactful work,” said A.C. Gallo, president and chief operating officer at Whole Foods Market. “These national and local suppliers were selected from thousands of driven, passionate, mission-based brands at Whole Foods Market and represent the best in class in sourcing, and commitment to the highest quality standards.”
Whole Foods touted Miller Poultry “for their visionary approach to animal welfare and their commitment to raising high quality, healthy chickens. In addition to providing a premium organic selection, Miller Poultry only uses Non-GMO feed for their conventional, no-antibiotic birds. They’ve shown true innovation and growth with both their Non-GMO Project Verification and the purchase and remodel of an outdated feed mill, that not only expanded their business but created jobs in their community.”
A total of 27 perishable and non-perishable suppliers were recognized this year, including two all-star global “Supplier of the Year” recipients. Miller Poultry was the Global Supplier of the Year in the perishable foods category. Pacha Soap Company won the award for a supplier of non-perishable goods.

Miller Poultry was named the Supplier of the Year by Whole Foods Market at the sixth annual Supplier Awards Night in Austin, Texas.