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MSU offers Beginning Farmers DEMaND series

Are you planning to be the next generation farm operator? Whether you represent the transition of generations, or that of employee to owner or as a new entrant to the business, a fresh look at management will be necessary.

Michigan State University Extension introduces the Beginning Farmers DEMaND (Developing and Educating Managers and New Decision-makers) series, offering publications, workshops and additional resources to help beginning farmers with this transition. 

These resources are designed to help these farmers learn about financial and business management strategies that will assist them in developing into the next managers and decision-makers on the farm.

The first bulletin in the series, E-3406: Transitioning From Labor Force to Decision-Maker, focuses on how to take the first steps into the arena of farm management. From understanding the farm goals to identifying new opportunities for success, beginning farmers will begin to gain a better understanding of how they can start influencing their farm business today. The bulletin can be downloaded at

The second bulletin in the series, E-3407: How to Motivate Your Lender to Say, “Yes”, provides a look inside the lending process to understand how it works and what the lender wants to see. Most importantly, how a farm manager can prepare to discuss the details of their farm business that encourages confidence and motivation for the lender to say “yes” to a loan request. 

The bulletin can be downloaded at

Check out these bulletins and other resources now on the MSU Extension Farm Management website,