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4‑H Council, USAF team up for STEM education

Chevy Chase, MD -- National 4‑H Council announced Sept. 24 a $150,000 grant from the United States Air Force to expose more young people to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

Through this partnership, communities in Colorado, Missouri, and Utah will receive free curriculum to implement 4‑H National Youth Science Day (4‑H NYSD), which is 4‑H’s signature STEM program that engages over 250,000 youth each year. This year’s 4‑H NYSD challenge, Game Changers, focuses on teaching computer science skills through fun activities like games and creating animations about causes kids care passionately about.

The grant will also support the training of teen leaders who will facilitate the high-quality, fun, and engaging activities for 4‑H youth. The teen leader experience will focus on career exploration and understanding real-world applications of STEM in the military like the technology of flight and cybersecurity.

“We’re excited to partner with 4‑H to emphasize STEM, teamwork, collaboration and the roles each play in the success of the U.S. Air Force,” said Major Ross McKnight, Chief, Air Force Experiential Marketing. “It is also important that we inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders in STEM to consider service in the U.S. Air Force as they pursue their skills and interest.”

By 2022, projections show that there will be more than nine million STEM jobs in the U.S., which represent a tremendous opportunity for teens beginning to plan for college and career. Through this partnership, 4‑Hers will be able to interact with airmen and see how STEM applies to every part of the United States Air Force’s mission and work in serving our country.

“4‑H NYSD gives young people the opportunity to learn foundational STEM concepts through fun, hands-on activities,” says Jennifer Sirangelo, president and CEO, National 4‑H Council. “To have a partner join us like the United States Air Force who can bring these concepts to life for our young people in a meaningful way is an incredible honor.”

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