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FFA members compete at National Agriscience Fair

Throughout the year, FFA members from around the country are involved in various projects ranging from community awareness to animal sciences to crop production and more. Many have taken their interest in these areas and developed projects that they work on and research, producing science projects specifically relating to agriculture and the furthering of technological advances within those subjects. During the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN, numerous students will be recognized for their efforts in their Agriscience Fair entries. In the tri-state region, there are many FFA members who have been honored as National Finalists for the 2019 Agriscience Fair.

The event focuses on the projects of middle and high school students with age brackets dividing the participants. The young people have the options of working independently or presenting a team effort. 

The beginning of the journey for these young researchers is at the local level where they choose a topic, study an aspect of it, create a display, and present their findings. State participants are chosen from the applications turned in by the students and their advisers. 

State winners are chosen from each of the six divisions with a maximum of four honors awarded for each of the categories. A junior high school individual winner will be named as well as a junior high team, a senior high individual and a senior high team. 

These young people are then invited to apply for the National FFA Agriscience Fair. There are 12 National Finalists chosen for each division and category. These young people will prepare to compete at the national level. 

The six categories are Animal Systems, Environmental Service/Natural Resource Systems, Food Products and Processing Systems, Plant Systems, Power, Structural, and Technical Systems, and Social Science.

Animal Systems is the study of life processes, health, nutrition, genetics, management, and processing on small animals, livestock, poultry, horses, dairy and/or aquaculture. 

Within the Environmental Service/Natural Resource Systems the students will research the impact humans have on environmental systems in terms of affecting their natural habitats. Food Products and Processing Systems look into product development, quality assurance, food safety, production practices, regulation and compliance, and food service within the food science industry.

Crops and landscaping plants are studied in the Plant Systems category with plant cycles, classifications, functions, structures, reproduction, and nutrients being incorporated as the project variables. 

The Power, Structural, and Technical Systems bring ideas to life as agricultural equipment, power systems, alternative fuel sources and precision technology along with the use of woodworking, metalworking, and welding. One of the newer categories is Social Systems where the young people relate agricultural education, agribusiness, agricultural communication, agricultural leadership and sales to people from all walks of life.

The National Finalists from across the United States will set up their displays and participate in interviews during the first day of the National FFA Convention. 

They will be judged on their physical presentation of the research project, their notes about the subject matter, the interview and official dress. The National FFA Convention will be held from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1.

Farmers' Advance congratulates all the National Agriscience Finalists from Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. We send our best to each one as they compete during the National FFA Convention!