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Ecuadorian and Colombian aquaculture industries receive USSEC virtual support

CHESTERFIELD, MO. – USSEC held three virtual events in Ecuador and Colombia to help aquaculture customers with efficient and profitable production.

The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) recently held three virtual events in Ecuador and Colombia to help aquaculture customers with production efficiency, nutrition, and cost management. The events focused on the use of best feeding and production practices, as well as the use of appropriate feeds for the different production conditions with the inclusion of high levels of US SOY.

The first meeting took place in Ecuador at AGRIPAC, an Ecuadorian feed mill, where more than 50 shrimp producers gathered to learn about the best ways to maintain efficient and profitable production.

USSEC Aquaculture Nutrition and Feeding Consultant Dr. Allen Davis, together with the USSEC Aquaculture Consultant for Ecuador Wendy Moscoso and USSEC Aquaculture Program Manager for the Americas Jairo Amezquita, all presented at the meeting.

Attendees heard recommendations on how to balance market prices with production strategies in order to remain competitive. Dr. Allen Davis presented on how this was possible based on his research and field results with Auburn University which showed that feeds with a minimum protein level of 35% are able to maintain the most convenient growth rate for shrimp and thus sustain the profitability of the activity.

The main recommendations and conclusions for the audience from this virtual meeting were:

• Good quality seed stock leads to quality, cost effective feed.

• Proper feed management along with good husbandry helps with water quality management.

• Efficient use of labor is important as is identifying the most appropriate market for your product.

For the second event in Colombia, the Federation of the Colombian Fish-Culture Producers (FEDEACUA) invited companies to receive technical virtual support and consultations from USSEC. The companies who attended are in charge of the management of large water reservoirs in Colombia.  USSEC shared recommendations and best practices for sustainable management of aquaculture activity without hurting energy production or the environment.

Finally, USSEC provided production and technical services to fish producers in Colombia. Dr. John Hargreaves, aquaculture consultant and water management and carrying capacity calculations specialist and Jairo Amezquita, the Aqua Program Manager of the Americas of USSEC visited with fish producers who are customers of Solla, one of Columbia’s biggest aquafeed producers.

At this virtual event, Cesar Botero owner of a trout farm, and Pisciola 3C, a tilapia producer, were able to receive recommendations from USSEC on production and nutrition management.

All attendees expressed their gratitude to USSEC for the events and support. USSEC will continue to hold these virtual events to strengthen relationships with aquaculture customers around the world.