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Farm bill decision 2021 is different than last year

EAST LANSING, MI. – Regional online meetings can help producers navigate the 2021 farm bill programs and crop insurance options. For the upcoming 2021 production year, producers once again have the opportunity to select which farm bill program will work best for their farms. However, the choice between Price Loss Coverage (PLC) and Agricultural Loss Coverage (ARC) will now only focus on one production year and may be a different decision than the one made for 2019/2020. Making the decision more complex for producers is the importance of considering crop insurance options that tie into these farm bill programs.

The Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and the new Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) are key factors in determining which program may be best. These “county-based” revenue insurance additions would be on top of what producers have selected for individual coverage on their farms (up to 86% for SCO and from 86% up to 95% with ECO).

The “2021 Farm Bill Program & Crop Insurance Decisions – What Fits Your Farm?” series is a joint effort by Michigan State University Extension and Michigan Farm Bureau to help guide producers through these considerations and make the best choice for their farms. 

At these information meetings producers will:

Review the current ARC and PLC options

Learn about the current and new crop insurance options available

Work through case examples using the “updated” MSU Extension Farm Bill Calculator to help make better decisions on ARC versus PLC (Each crop and FSA farm number may result in a different choice.)

Discuss specific program details with experts

The series will span three weeks and be conducted via Zoom. Each meeting will have a regional focus, providing examples as well as participation from crop insurance specialists from those areas. The dates are:

18 – Northern MI

19 – Central MI

25 – Southeast MI

26 – Western MI

1 – Bay/Thumb Area

2 – Southwest MI

Participation in these meetings is free, but producers are asked to register at