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Ohio crop update: Rains raise replanting issues

REYNOLDSBURG, OH -- Last week's heavy rains limited field work but planting progress remains ahead of the five year average, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Regional Office. There were 4.3 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending May 31.

Heavy rainfalls were observed, especially later in the week, leaving standing water in some areas. Some hail was reported. Warmer than normal temperatures helped emergence and growth, but some replanting will be needed in drowned out areas. Cool and cloudy conditions following rains will likely reduce or prevent soil crusting. Excessively moist conditions created concern for disease in wheat and other cereals, but those crops remain in overall good condition.

Growers were able to side dress corn when fields weren't too damp. Some tobacco was set, with most growers ready to get underway with transplants at the first window of opportunity. Strawberry harvest began and the planting of vegetable crops continued. Livestock remain in good conditions despite muddy pastures and feed lots. Some hay was cut, but opportunities were limited. Despite widespread rains over most of the state, some areas remain drier than average.